Welcome, weary traveller! You've stumbled upon quicksilver.nu, otherwise known as the Unsung Hero Network. This website houses several sites of interest, more specifically dedicated to favorite characters from the Japanese RPG variety and perhaps some websites of personal nature peppered throughout.

Site Established: June 28th, 2017

Latest Network Updates:

6/28/17: New domain is up and shrines are all uploaded and ready to go! Time to work on new content and websites to flesh out this space!

Current Sites

Purity is a shrine to Rosa Farrell of the classic RPG, Final Fantasy IV. Rosa is the progragonist's love interest and the party's resident white mage. She's a loving and beautiful character that I've always loved since my first playthrough in 1994.

Liberation is dedicated to Ziggy of the Xenosaga series for Playstation2. Although stoic and removed, Ziggy's character is deep and wrought with emotion and pain. He's a beautiful character who quickly grew on me and became my favorite in the series.

Power of Love is a shrine for Allen Ridgely of Xenosaga. When I first began the series, Allen was one of my favorites for his humble character and devotion to Shion, the protagonist of the series. However, after being flung into one unfortunate circumstance after another, Allen becomes strong, never giving up his devotion to both Shion and KOS-MOS and even has a bit of a bad-ass streak in him.


Afterglow is dedication to Prompto Argentum of Final Fantasy XV. While playing the game, his character's silly comments and ability to break the fourth wall really attracted me to him. Eventually, as events played out, he quickly became my favorite and when I decided to get back into creating these sites, I knew I had to make one for Prompto! Completion: 15% ETA: Late Summer 2017.

Other future Projects: Not a shrine, but I'm considering making a website about my lolita fashion collection and my wardrobe rather than just making yearly wardrobe posts. Might be a fun project to play with some php.

About the Network and Domain

The Unsung Hero Network title is a carry-over from my former domain, Valkyrie.nu. I decided to keep the name because it reflects a good deal of my favorite characters. Heroes and Heroines that don't really know how much impact they really have upon the story. Many of the websites here were created over ten years ago, but I hope to expand upon this further in the future with more websites! Also, these same sites were hosted on december-rain.org just in case you were looking for where they may have went!

The name Quicksilver comes from Prompto Argentum of Final Fantasy XV fame, as well as one of his weapons. He's one of my favorite characters, despite being from a newer game. I thought I'd title my new domain after his namesake!

This current design is something I whipped up in one night, namely just to get my sites back online. I may change it up again in the near future. It's not too mobile friendly and looks like poo on my phone.

About the Webmistress

My name is Bobbi (alias: tehrin/tehrinny/rin) and I've been around on the internet for a really long time. It seems like eons ago when I was viewing my first character shrines and fansites on Geocities back in the late 90's. I've been creating spaces for myself on the internet since then and actively creating fansites since the early 00's. Webdesign is a hobby that I really enjoy, but not something I partake in as much these days because social media is far more present.

I'm currently in my mid-thirties, married, but no kids. I work in retail management. When I'm not working away, my hobbies are jrpg games, j-fashion (particularly sweet lolita) and cosplay. I also like drawing and writing and hope to get more into comic creation! I've been a part of the convention and cosplay scene for a very long time too, and I don't see it being something that I want to leave anytime in the foreseeable future. I feel like I'm getting old, but in some ways, I feel like the party is just getting started.

You can find me in the following places:

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See ya later!

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