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Noctis and Prompto

Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum, the heir to the throne of Insomnia met Prompto Argentum in elementary school. Prompto was a shy and chubby kid who was afraid to befriend Noctis. When he took in a small stray puppy, which he later found belonged to Lady Lunafreya, everything changed. She sent him a letter asking young Prompto to befriend Noctis and to remain ever at his side. He immediately decided to be the best friend he could be to a prince and strove to lose weight and to better himself. Noctis wouldn't have cared about Prompto's appearance. However, Prompto did this for himself. In high school, he finally meets up with Noctis and gains the courage to befriend him. From then on, the two are inseperable.

Through the course of Final Fantasy XV, Prompto and Noctis are proven to be extremely close friends, best friends. While Gladio and Ignis are tied to Noctis out of duty, Prompto sticks by him through thick and thin because of his friendship and devotion. He could have turned his back at any time when everything began going to hell. However, he stuck by his side relentlessly. Reassured by Noctis, Prompto swallows his self doubt and tries to be the best crownsguard he can be.

When Prompto is thrown off the train on the way to Tenebrae, Noctis shows a swift change in emotion. When Lunafreya died, Noctis simply shut down. When he feels like he looses Prompto due to Ardyn's tricks, Noctis jumps into action and searches for him relentlessly in Zagnatus Keep. He could've went for the crystal first. However, he needed to make sure his best friend was safe.

On the other hand, Prompto, when seperated from the others feels a great deal of hurt and betrayal. When he realizes the truth of his orgins and past, he believes that he has no right returning to the others. Aranea encourages him to keep going and to reunite with his friends. He remembers what it is that he wants, more than anything, to keep his promise to Lunafreya.

Reunited, Noctis and Prompto talk in the abandoned old dorm room of Zagnatus Keep. Noctis suggests that once everything is over, he's going to break down the barriers and unite both nations. Not only to finally end the war, but also for Prompto's sake. To Noctis, it doesn't matter where Prompto came from.

Reunited after ten years, it's easy to read the pain in Prompto's eyes, upon learning that Noctis has to sacrifice himself to end the starscourge and bring back the dawn. When they finally part ways, Prompto is the last to bow, and the last to let go, turning around the face the hoarde of enemies. Prompto is amoung the others who come with Noctis into the beyond to finally destroy Ardyn.

What happens after the game is up for speculation. I imagine out of anyone, Prompto would have the hardest time moving on. Ignis and Gladio had to have known, to some degree about the prophecy. They had to be prepared for it as an eventuality. Prompto on the other hand, had only Noctis and the others. I imagine it's very hard for him. Each morning, the sunrise reminding him of their friendship.

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