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 Angelic Pretty:  Book of Eli:  Braniac:  FFVI - Lock and Terra:  FFVI - Relm:  FFVI - Terra:  FFX - Yuna:  FFXV - Noctis and Luna:  Final Fantasy VI - Terra's Theme:  Final Fantasy XV:  Final Fantasy XV - Kingsglaive:  Gothic Lolita:  Keith - Voltron:  Keith and Allura - Voltron:  Mad Max Fury Road:  Pokemon - Eevee:  Prompto:  Rinoa:  Shiro & Keith - Voltron Legendary Defender:  Star Trek DS9:  Terra:  The Handmaid's Tale:  The X Files:  The X Files - Mulder and Scully:  Xenogears:  Xenosaga - Kosmos:

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