The Pink Paladin

Well, blue actually, but pink paladin sounds way cooler?

Allura is an important character in Voltron Legendary Defender. She is the princess of Altea and is the pilot of the Castleship. When Shiro goes missing, Allura becomes the paladin of the blue lion in place of Lance who takes Red after Keith is allowed to pilot Black. Although Paladin of the blue lion, she wears pink instead. After her home planet, Altea was lost in the battle with Zarkon 10,000 years ago, Allura was put into stasis. She woke, meeting the new Paladins of Voltron. Together, they begin searching for the missing lions and learning how to bond with the lions and form Voltron.

There's much more that I want to write (and scream) about Allura. However, that will have to wait as I have like 4 other fanlistings to put together in a matter of weeks with my limited free time. Please excuse my lame excuse for an excuse for "content" until I can come back and actually write something cohesive.