about the cyborg

This page contains several articles and observations relating to Ziggy. Please be forwarned that this section contains many unmarked spoilers. Please browse at your own risk. The information here is always being edited and built upon. Hopefully, I'll be able to contribute a lot of good information on Ziggy here in the future.

General Information

Information in this section contains general information that is given in the games, with a little personal input. These are gathered from official sources and several books that have been published.

  • Profile
    Officially released information
  • Personality
    Things that make him human
  • Etymology
    What his namesakes say
  • Cyborgs
    part human, part machine
  • Relationships
    Those all around him
  • Family
    Those most important to him
  • Voice Actors
    Those behind creating Ziggy
  • Quotes
    Emotions hide behind words

In Game Data

Here is information that I've gathered regarding Ziggy's performance in battle during the series. Some of this is also from personal observation and experience while playing him in the games.

  • Episode I Info
    Battle stats, observations, equipment
  • Episode I Skills
    Tech Attacks, and Learned Skills
  • Episode II Info
    Observations in battle, statistics.
  • Episode II Skills
    Ziggy's double attacks
  • Episode III Info
    Battle stats, observations, equipment
  • Episode III Skills
    Ziggy's Skill Line


Lastly, these are my personal thoughts, opinions, and commentary on subjects that are not addressed above. A lot of this is humorous and written for fun. I hope you'll enjoy it.

  • Observations
    Little things that I've noticed
  • Design Commentary
    Thoughts on his unusual "clothing"
  • Simularities
    Others who remind me of Ziggy
  • Pairing Fodder
    My thoughts on fandom pairings