I'm still alive, I swear!

So... it's been a hot minute?

To be honest, I've been a little pre-occupied in life and haven't done much with my domains and shrines. I am still around and always open for chit chat, link exchanges, and the like! I just may not be updating things as much as I used to.

If you use Discord, I'm tehrinny#6533 HMU anytime! Otherwise, email me at bobbi at quicksilver. :)

Today, I did update In The Fade with several updates including a new affiliate! Unfortunately, when I moved servers, the entire backend of many of my scripts broke. Plus, the script I'm using is ancient in interweb years. Right now, everything has to be edited via phpmyadmin and even that is buggy. I made it work though!

I do have a few projects in mind. I had originally started on a collective of sorts for my original story, and I think I'll be returning to that. Namely, I'd just like to create mini-shrines for some of my OC's, mostly for use in requesting art commissions and stuff like that.

A lot of my sites really do need an overhaul. These days, I work as a webdeveloper. I work mostly with front end, but do work with back end (php, JS and the like). A lot of my older designs here just don't fly with my current design abilities. Yet, I really adore the nostalgia of websites designed in the pre-mobile era. So, we'll see. Maybe I'll slap in a mobile theme or something, or at least update the domain in the near future.

But knowing me, I'll read this post in three years and be like, "Oh, right. That happened."

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