Hey! New Server!

So, I've changed hosts! Hurray!

Mainly, I'm working on a very large project which will need to make use of a cloud platform with the ability to scale up or down depending on traffic. The problem is, I don't know anything about cloud hosting, or how to really set up the type of server environment that I really need for this project.

I figured I'd learn by moving my projects over, one by one over to this new setup. I'm going with Linode, which is targeted for developers. You basically start out with a clean slate, no OS, pick the OS you want your server to run on, and then from there install everything either through the command line, through their stackscripts, or sometimes a control panel will install everything you need for you. (I went with the control panel).

Still, there's some kinks to figure out. My phpmyadmin is broke, so I have to import everything through the command line, but I can use it to modify entries in the database at least. It looks like I've gotten all of Quicksilver moved over successfully after a few days of trial and error. My bigger projects come next, which require a lot more than these sites (specific php libraries, use of git, and a lot more eventually I'm sure.)

Most of my sites are running entirely on php5, so I had to install dual php versions until I can get everything converted. Enthusiast has been upgraded by someone else for php7. So that won't be a problem. I need to check this particular script and go through the script I use to manage In The Fade. Those shouldn't be hard, but it will be another beast tacking the other projects.

This has been a fun learning experience, for sure! I've been slowly getting my toes wet into the world of web development rather than just hobbyist front-end design and making small sites of personal interest. There's a lot to learn, and having taken a break for so long between the years of 2012-2018 when I was working full time retail management, I'm so very far behind. I would like to fall back on something better should anything occur where I need to find another job.

Having some sandboxes, pet projects, and building a body of work will help that by far.

As far as the rest of my sites go? I haven't had the heart or motivation to go through and revamp them as I had hoped. I'd gotten far with Liberation, but it still needs some work, new articles, and I would really like to make everything on the domain mobile-first. Though some designs I'm still really attached to, even if they aren't designed to 2019 standards.

Until next time, see you later!

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New Approved Fanlistings

Back from the last convention of the year! I was approved for some new fanlistings while I was gone, so here's what I'll be working on in the upcoming weeks!

  • Angelic Pretty (fashion and beauty > brands)
  • Alpacas (Animals > Herbivores)
  • Princess Allura of Voltron Legendary Defender (Animation > Characters -- may eventually be a shrine/tribute once I clean up my existing shrines)

Waiting on approval from one other, but games is sometimes a little slow!

Considering turning Mintiness.org into a fanlisting collective, but will house non-character related fanlistings there and keep character related on this domain. Makes sense I think?

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Welcome to Hepatica! I've decided to add a log for my networks! I've begun working on Mintiness.org, which will be a network dedicated to general and cute topics and fanlistings that are not video game or character related.

A new layout is coming soon to Quicksilver. The page is too cluttered and I'm desiring something a little more organized as I add more content to the site.

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