Welcome to Liberation, a modest fansite dedicated to Ziggurat 8 (aka Ziggy) from the Xenosaga series. Please note that the shrine and media sections of the website contain many unmarked spoilers for the end of the Xenosaga series. Browse at your own risk!

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Navigation can be found at the top of each page between the brackets, and also at the very bottom of the page. Contents of each section are as follows:

Cyborg     Textual information, ingame data, thoughts, opinions.
Red Vision     Concept art, screencaps, voiceclips, fanworks, other media.
Etcetera     Website details, links, credits, contact information

August 11th, 2019 Fanlisting removed. I had this up for a few years now, and I've gotten one member besides myself. So, there's just no point in having it or maintaining it. I did begin work last year on a new mobile-first design, but I've yet to impliment it. Soon, hopefully!

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Power of Love - My Allen Shrine
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