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This part of the website contains a good deal of Ziggy related media, from concept art, screen shots, and voice clips. A lot of this was provided through the help of a lot of great friends, and other sources which are credited throughout. If you wish to use any of this material, or submit your own fanworks, please read the FAQ for the usage policy.

  • Official Artwork
    Artwork that was scanned from various artbooks, officially released fankits, and other sources.

  • Cutscene Screenshots
    Screenshots from various cutscenes in the game. Currently only a few scenes from Episode I.

  • Pied Piper Screenshots
    Screenshots that were officially released by Namco for Ziggy's Japan-only Cell phone game.

  • Wallpapers
    Decorate your desktop with official and fan-made Ziggy wallpapers of win and awesome.

  • Icons and Avatars
    Quality 100x100 Ziggy icons that I made for use on Livejournal or on forums.

  • Fan Art
    Fan art contributed by visitors and links to websites that contain Ziggy related fan art.

  • Fan Fiction
    Links to many Ziggy-riffic fan fiction stories that I have personally enjoyed. This is a handpicked list.