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If you enjoyed Ziggy in Xenosaga, whether it be his character or his story, you may find yourself enjoying these characters as well. These are characters from other games, movies, and books that I've found to resemble Ziggy in many ways. I've also included a few real-life people who resemble him as well.

Video Games

Cyan Garamonde Final Fantasy VI
Cyan of FFVI

Cyan's story is similar to that of Jan Sauer's. He lost his son and wife to a madman. Cyan frequently goes through emotional suffering despite being strong. Ziggy and Cyan are both the token "tanks" of the game. Interestingly enough, Cyan has a fear of mechanics. Imagine Cyan's horror if he was revived as a cyborg?

Prior to breaking away from Square and forming Monolithsoft, Soraya Sata and Tetsuya Takakashi both worked on Final Fantasy VI. They are also responsible for the plots for Xenosaga I and II DS game and Pied Piper. I find it no coincidence that Ziggy and Cyan share so many simularities.

Basch Fon Ronsenburg Final Fantasy XII
Basch of FFXIIBasch and Ziggy share very similar personalities. Both characters are quite loyal and protective of others. The relationship between Basch and Penelo is similar to that of Ziggy and MOMO. They both protect and look after them in a fatherly manner. Both characters are subject to bouts of self-loathing and hatred for failing what is most important to them. These two live to serve others. Basch serves Landis, Dalmasca, and then Larsa. Ziggy, while human, was determined to serve the people. Toward the end of Pied Piper, he learned to put those he cares for ahead of duty. In the end, Basch ends up fulfilling his brother's wish to protect Larsa by becoming Gabranth. In a somewhat similar manner, Ziggy looks after Juli and MOMO as Jr's last wish before parting ways.

Alex Murphy Robocop

Note to self: Watch Robocop again and write a quick synopsis.

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