I'm still alive, I swear!

So... it's been a hot minute?

To be honest, I've been a little pre-occupied in life and haven't done much with my domains and shrines. I am still around and always open for chit chat, link exchanges, and the like! I just may not be updating things as much as I used to.

If you use Discord, I'm tehrinny#6533 HMU anytime! Otherwise, email me at bobbi at quicksilver. :)

Today, I did update In The Fade with several updates including a new affiliate! Unfortunately, when I moved servers, the entire backend of many of my scripts broke. Plus, the script I'm using is ancient in interweb years. Right now, everything has to be edited via phpmyadmin and even that is buggy. I made it work though!

I do have a few projects in mind. I had originally started on a collective of sorts for my original story, and I think I'll be returning to that. Namely, I'd just like to create mini-shrines for some of my OC's, mostly for use in requesting art commissions and stuff like that.

A lot of my sites really do need an overhaul. These days, I work as a webdeveloper. I work mostly with front end, but do work with back end (php, JS and the like). A lot of my older designs here just don't fly with my current design abilities. Yet, I really adore the nostalgia of websites designed in the pre-mobile era. So, we'll see. Maybe I'll slap in a mobile theme or something, or at least update the domain in the near future.

But knowing me, I'll read this post in three years and be like, "Oh, right. That happened."

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Hey! New Server!

So, I've changed hosts! Hurray!

Mainly, I'm working on a very large project which will need to make use of a cloud platform with the ability to scale up or down depending on traffic. The problem is, I don't know anything about cloud hosting, or how to really set up the type of server environment that I really need for this project.

I figured I'd learn by moving my projects over, one by one over to this new setup. I'm going with Linode, which is targeted for developers. You basically start out with a clean slate, no OS, pick the OS you want your server to run on, and then from there install everything either through the command line, through their stackscripts, or sometimes a control panel will install everything you need for you. (I went with the control panel).

Still, there's some kinks to figure out. My phpmyadmin is broke, so I have to import everything through the command line, but I can use it to modify entries in the database at least. It looks like I've gotten all of Quicksilver moved over successfully after a few days of trial and error. My bigger projects come next, which require a lot more than these sites (specific php libraries, use of git, and a lot more eventually I'm sure.)

Most of my sites are running entirely on php5, so I had to install dual php versions until I can get everything converted. Enthusiast has been upgraded by someone else for php7. So that won't be a problem. I need to check this particular script and go through the script I use to manage In The Fade. Those shouldn't be hard, but it will be another beast tacking the other projects.

This has been a fun learning experience, for sure! I've been slowly getting my toes wet into the world of web development rather than just hobbyist front-end design and making small sites of personal interest. There's a lot to learn, and having taken a break for so long between the years of 2012-2018 when I was working full time retail management, I'm so very far behind. I would like to fall back on something better should anything occur where I need to find another job.

Having some sandboxes, pet projects, and building a body of work will help that by far.

As far as the rest of my sites go? I haven't had the heart or motivation to go through and revamp them as I had hoped. I'd gotten far with Liberation, but it still needs some work, new articles, and I would really like to make everything on the domain mobile-first. Though some designs I'm still really attached to, even if they aren't designed to 2019 standards.

Until next time, see you later!

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Small Stuff

I cleaned up the network page a little bit and removed some projects.

Momo Fanlisting (Angel Arrow): I didn't have this completed in time last year when I applied for it. So I ultimately removed it. I will likely create some sort of tribute to her in the future however.

Character Profiles (Radiant Cosmos): I will probably create a character profile page in the future just for art commissions. However, I want to keep more of my art, story details, and work under wraps. A good deal of this information will be going into artbooks and a publication that will go exclusively to patreon supports of my comic. So I shouldn't include those online for anyone to see. I ultimately removed it from my list.

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Still Alive

So I'm trying to get back into the swing of things here. I have a lot of projects and I'd really like to revamp my old shrines. I've been doing some work behind the scenes with rewriting content, but that's not made it's way online yet.

I recently quit the job I was working. It was a salaried position with insane hours. Things went to hell after September of last year, hence my extended absence. I hope to get some work done on sites here soon. I'd love to get Afterglow online soon as well!

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New Domain Layout

I just added a new layout for the domain that is a little better organized! Nothing too special, but I'm glad to have a little less clutter and more room to display future projects for the time being!

version 2 @ quicksilver

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New Approved Fanlistings

Back from the last convention of the year! I was approved for some new fanlistings while I was gone, so here's what I'll be working on in the upcoming weeks!

  • Angelic Pretty (fashion and beauty > brands)
  • Alpacas (Animals > Herbivores)
  • Princess Allura of Voltron Legendary Defender (Animation > Characters -- may eventually be a shrine/tribute once I clean up my existing shrines)

Waiting on approval from one other, but games is sometimes a little slow!

Considering turning Mintiness.org into a fanlisting collective, but will house non-character related fanlistings there and keep character related on this domain. Makes sense I think?

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Welcome to Hepatica! I've decided to add a log for my networks! I've begun working on Mintiness.org, which will be a network dedicated to general and cute topics and fanlistings that are not video game or character related.

A new layout is coming soon to Quicksilver. The page is too cluttered and I'm desiring something a little more organized as I add more content to the site.

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