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The websites contained within contain content that is related to characters that I really like. Namely, what I have here consists mostly of character shrines with a few fanlistings peppered throughout. Though, my tendency has always been if I'm making a fanlisting, it will typically turn into a shrine or tribute at minimum. I like writing and spewing my thoughts everywhere and putting them online.

Character Shrines

What's a Character Shrine? Shrines in the real world are typically a place dedicated to deities and beings of worship. In the case of these types of websites, they are spaces on the internet that contain content specifically about characters as well as series and relationships where the website author writes and designs passionately about the subject at hand. Once, shrines were very popular on the internet in the days prior to social media. These days, they are still very present. The community has grown to become more closely knit than it was back in the late 90's and early 00's.

Rosa Farrell of Final Fantasy IV

One of my earliest shrines that I still own, this site was created in 2005 as both a fanlisting and mini-tribute to her character. Today, it stands as only a character shrine.

Prompto Argentum of Final Fantasy XV

I can't own a domain named after Prompto without having a shrine. When I decided to put my old shrines back online, I knew I had to create a new one for Prompto. In-Progress

Ziggurat 8 of Xenosaga

Ziggy wasn't my favorite character at first, but he grew to become the one I loved the most from the series. Here's a shrine and fanlisting dedicated to him! Revamping

Power of Love
Allen Ridgeley of Xenosaga

My first Xenosaga shrine for a small and unloved character. He's always been a huge favorite throughout many playthroughs! Revamping


What's a Fanlisting? It's just a list of fans, usually sorted by country of a given subject. These were also extremely popular little websites created in the late 90's and becoming more popular in the 00's. However, with the social media exodus, they aren't as popular as they once were. They are still fun to make and I always get excited to get new members or get approval for another! Please join if any of these interest you!

Across the Universe
Princess Allura of Voltron Legendary Defender

My latest love has been Voltron Legendary Defender. I really love Allura and saw that nobody had her fanlisting. I would like to expand this to something more in the future!

Pink Label
Angelic Pretty

I really love lolita fashion. Angelic Pretty is by far, my favorite brand. I love the motifs, detail, and cute prints. If you love AP like I do, you should join!

Alpacin Cute

I really freaking love Alpacas okay? I'm obsessed. Give them to me. While you're at it, join this fanlisting.


The following websites do not fit into the topics above but are pretty cool sites that I made which you should totally check out!

In The Fade
RPG Shrine Directory

This is a listing of a bunch of really great RPG character and series shrines. This is an old site that I eventually adopted and put back online when I reopened my domain.

Update Log

Want to know what's the latest and greatest here at Quicksilver? Well look no further. Have a pretty update log that will tell you everything I've been working away at online!

Future Projects

The following are subjects that I'd like to create websites dedicated to!

Keith Voltron Legendary Defender - I will probably start on this once I get my Prompto shrine online. I love Keith.

Rikku Final Fantasy X - I've low key always wanted to make a shrine for Rikku. I'd like to finish my other projects here first before starting on this though!