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Take an adorable little Allen pixel creation to put on your site! All pixels here were made by me. Please be sure to link them back to so that others can adopt one too! Also, please do not use these for avatars, signatures, or any of that without permission from me. These are for adopting purposes only!


These are large pixels that I've created by myself or using a base. Credit is given to the orignal base artists where applicable.

Xenosaga II Chibis

Sprites and small pixels

Here are small sprites and other little pixels that I've made. These also may include other characters from the Xenosaga series!

Xenosaga I and II DS Sprites

Made by Joh from various screenshots. Larger one is by me.

RPG Maker Sprites

Made by me, based off the standard RPG Maker sprite base.


Entirely made by me, including base.