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Allen Ridgeley tends to be the main character that is most despised by the fanbase. I truly believe that Allen, depsite everything, is a great character worthy of recognition and appreciation.

Allen's character only has one major flaw. That is, he is an ordinary man that has been encompassed by the extraordinary. He is thrown into a chain of dangerous and terrifying situations, and reacts the way any ordinary and realistic human being would. Allen doesn't go along with what Shion does in an easy-going manner, like many of the other characters. Instead, he has everyone's saftey in mind, predominately, the woman he loves and cares for over everything else. If we put ourselves into Allen's shoes, and look at his circumstances through our perspective, I'm sure that we'd all appreciate him a bit more.

In the scene in Episode II where Shion tells Allen that she's going to Old Miltia, Allen is very hesitant about her decision. Yet, he follows and helps her despite all risks involved. Like any ordinary human being, he weighs the heavy consequences of the actions they are about to partake in. In all honesty, I see absolutely nothing unjustifiable with that mindset. I know that I wouldn't have followed myself, if I had been in that situation. Infact, at the first sign of life-threatening danger, I would have been on the first flight back to the safety of home, despite the fact I do have a huge sense of adventure! For that reason, I feel that Allen is truly an admirable character.

Simply because the other characters that he finds himself in association with are more fearless, bold and heroic, Allen is reduced to a whiney and cowardly individual. Allen's strengths are always overshadowed by the actions of the other characters. Allen is extremely intelligent and very capable. If he was anything but, he would not be Junior Cheif Engineer of the KOS-MOS project. Allen excells at his job. In a professional setting, he is very sure of himself and in control. Shion recognizes him for this strength in Episode II:

Allen: "All right everyone, just relax and enjoy the trip. And dont worry, Im a pro at this."
Shion: "Hes right. Were in good hands."

Allen is also extremely loyal. Despite all his fears and apprehensions, he will stand beside Shion and the others no matter what the cost. I find it sad that Shion has done very little to deserve his attention and affections. She blatently ignores him and often hurts his feelings with rude comments. Yet, despite everything, he stays by her side. While this can be seen as a weakness, I also find it to be a strength. It shows passion and perseverance of his character.

I really hope that in the last episode of the series, Allen will finally get the appreciation he deserves.