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Here is a collection of screenshots from games in the Xenosaga series besides the three mainstream playstation games. Sofar, these include Xenosaga I & II for Nintendo DS and Xenosaga Freaks for Playstation 2. I've also included a bit of information about each game.

Xenosaga Freaks

Xenosaga Freaks is a game designed for the fans of the Xenosaga series. There's four different areas of the game which can be played. Xeno Komi is a communication-style adventure game that lets you experience a short story from the perspective of seven different characters. Xeno Pittan is a word game set up somewhat like Scrabble and playable by up to two players. The third area contains an encycolopedia that features videos, images, and information on the world of Xenosaga. The fourth part of the game includes a playable demo of Xenosaga Episode II. Sadly, this game was only released in Japan and will probably never see North American shores. (source)

Xenosaga I & II

Xenosaga I & II is a game currently being developed for the Nintendo DS handheld sysltem. It will not be an exact retelling of the previous two games; some minor changes will be made to the storyline of the game without changing the pre-existing elements which the first games have already laid out. Some scenerios will be edited and some new but minor characters are said to be included in these new parts. The Episode II portion of the game, originally told through Jr.'s perspective, will now focus on Shion, much like Episode I and Episode III. (source)

Namco x Capcom

This is a turn-based strategy game featuring characters from games produced by video game companies Namco and Capcom, and developed by Monolith Soft. The title is pronounced "Namco cross Capcom" in Japanese. In the game, Shion, KOS-MOS and MOMO make an appearance as playable characters. Allen, as proved by the below screenshot appears to be in the game as well. However, I assume that he just makes a brief cameo appearance as opposed to Xenosaga's poster child, KOS-MOS. Go figure. (source)