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Here are a few great conversations that I found while talking to Allen at various times during the games. I posted the best ones here.

Waiting in Shion's Room

After boarding the Elsa, Allen tries several times to tell Shion how he feels. But she keeps telling him that she's busy and that they'll talk later. Out of frustration, Allen goes into the women's cabin and waits there for her to return. A sweet and very humorus conversations occurs:

Shion: Allen, what are you doing? This is the women's quarters, you know.

Allen: Uh, umm... C-Ch-Chief... (Go, Allen! You're alone with the Chief now. You can tell her how you feel without any interruptions! Go, Allen Go!)

Shion: Oh, you just went to the wrong room. Right? Allen, you're so scatterbrained.

Allen: (No, that isn't it. I was waiting for you, Chief!)

Shion: It's a good thing you're in my room. Just imagine if it was some other woman's room. You wouldn't get off so easily.

Allen: (I don't care about any other women... As long as I can be with you. If only I could express my feelings.) C-Chief!

Shion: Technically, you are a man, so you need to be more careful.

Allen: Uh, w-what? Oh, um. What do you mean, technically...?

Shion: What? you're not a man?

Allen: No, technically... I am. Yes. Uh.

Shion: Come on, you should hurry up and go. People will make a fuss if they find out you're here.

Allen: Uh, um, Chief... the thing is... I

Shion: I'm really sorry but I'm busy now. Do you think we can talk later?

Allen: Oh... okay.

I'll be adding more good conversations as I replay the first game!