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NPC stands for non-playble character, if you didn't know that already. Many NPC's have some interesting things to say about Allen during the course of the games. Here is a list of what they say about him.

Episode II: Ralph

Ralph is a person who works on the Durandal. He can always be found in the park area seated on the benches to the right. He appears to have known Allen for quite some time. He gives out a few clues about Allen's secretive history. I find it odd that Allen is so opposed to "mutants", yet he has a close friend who could very well be one. He gives different information to different characters. However, the best information is given when Shion is not the party leader.

Beginning of Game

When you are given control of Shion, chaos, Jin and Jr in Second Miltia, you'll hear an announcement that they are doing shuttle flights to the Durandal again. This is one of the only chances you have to talk to Ralph on the first disc.

To Shion and Jin:

I have a friend who's really clumsy and has a hard time fitting in. I think he's working for Vector now. Hmm? His name? His name is Allen. What, do you know him? Oh really? What a coincidence.

To Jr.

Little Master, I got some mail from my friend Allen the other day, and there was a picture of the two of you in there. Do you know him? Wow! I guess when you make it into Vector, you can get close to Little Master! I really look up to Allen!

To chaos

Do you know Allen? I thought so. So, you tow were on the Elsa together? Wait, the Elsa?! That's the ship that transports all sorts of not-so-legal stuff right? Wow, he must have changed a lot.

Return to the Durandal

The next time you're able to return to the Durandal, is after escaping from the Ormus Stronghold. Ralph gives out more information to the party.

To Shion, Jin, Ziggy, KOS-MOS

Allen's a superb engineer, but he's pretty much a wimp. He showed up late to the Vector company entrance exam because of stomach pains.


You're MOMO, the 100-Series, right? What?! Allen helped you with your analysis? Wow. I've got to ask him what he thought about it sometime.

To Jr

Say, Little Master, Allen's not causing any trouble is he? He's weak and a little inconsiderate. I'm really worried he might get on your nerves.

To chaos

Please don't drag Allen into some shady underworld. He just can't say no when people ask him to do things.

Episode II: Other NPCs

Darren on Second Miltia's Space Port

Oh, you work for Vector? Then have you heard the rumor? The one about the employee who couldn't get his beautiful boss to go out with him so he committed suicide. He's now a ghost that roams the city night after night. Well, it's just a rumor of course. (Availible only after returning from Ormus Stronghold and before Omega System.)