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I am a dork. I have very dorky hobbies. I also have a thing for dorky guys. None-the-less, I have a thing for dorky fictional characters as well. Allen happens to be one of my favorite video game guys, amoung Locke of FFVI, Squall of FFVIII, Zidane of FFIX. They are not really dorky though, but great characters. However, this site is not about them, it's about Allen! I will now drone on about why I personally like Allen and why he holds a special place in my heart.

Allen gets no love!Allen may not be one of those "cool" characters that everyone just loves because of their awesomeness factor. Allen is not very cool. He's very unsure of himself, and is often overlooked by both characters in the game and the players as well. I don't like him solely because of what's on the surface level (albeit, there's not much). I like his character for what lies underneath. Here is a guy, who just trying to live his life and maybe date the woman he is in love with. Yet, he's thrown into a disaster; the end of the universe, if you will. He really didn't have a choice in the matter. However, despite that he chose to stay by Shion's side to protect and help her in any way that he can. Sure, he may not appear that useful. Yet, he is constantly there backing Shion and the others up. It shows that he really cares and has concern for everyone. I'm sure that Allen will eventually get the chance to prove his worth, seeing several screenshots from episode III.

Go, Allen Go!Allen is a character that I can relate to, seriously. I also cannot seem to put my foot down because I really like to help people. I get walked all over, constantly. If I'm not careful, I get myself hurt or overly stressed out. I am loyal to a fault. Even when burned by people I really care about, I still can't confront them and speak my mind. I'm also very shy, quiet, clumsy, and I've never been able to fit in. I also complain and whine a lot. When it comes to things that I'm really good at (anything creative), I excell. But when it comes to doing anything really useful, say dealing with people, I fail miserably! I can't even leave a message on an answering machine without stuttering and forgetting what I'm sopposed to say! So as you can see, I have a simular personality.

Oh, how I can relate to the issue of unrequited love. It truly is a painful thing to love someone with all your heart, but they completely ignore you. It's happened to me a few times in the past. Granted, I have been a bit more sucessful in the relationship department. I know what it's like to be thought of as anything but a romantic interest. I've even overheard someone mention me that way in those terms. It's truly hurtful. I can relate completely to what he goes through in the games.

How dreamy!Lastly, despite that awful Vector uniform and swimsuit of his, he is quite sexy for a video game character. Of course, he is not a burly muscle-man. Though he does try in one very humorus scene! He has some very gorgeous deep blue eyes. They just seem to look right through you. Oh, how dreamy! His hair, although not as sexy as say, Canaan, is very shiny and, well, pretty. I'm not sure if his hair is orange, red, or brown, it's a strange combination of all three. In Episode II, his hair is very shiny in the FMV's! It's drool-worthy I tell you! Okay, well maybe it's just me. I also feel that Dave Whittenberg did an excellent job at portraying his character. His voice is usually very gentle and caring. However, there are times when he is portrayed as very bold, such as the opening scene to the first game and the infamous Dammerung scene in Episode II. Did you hear him shout as he shot those guns? Holy crap! That was sexy! =D

Anyway, people can think what they like. However, I personally see a lot of myself in his character. He is realistic to me. That is the main reason why I like him so much. I am really looking forward to see what he does in the last episode.