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For those of you who are interested in using any media or information contained on this website, please read through this page carefully.

Episode I Screen Captures

All screencaptures from Episode I were captured by Love a Riddle, and were edited and thumbnailed by me. I do not have any problems with you using the images contained in my Episode I gallery for graphics such as wallpapers, avatars, signatures and layouts. However, if you plan on using any of these images in your own gallery, I will greatly appreciate a link back and an email would not hurt either. I just ask you to please not take all of my screens, as we worked very hard to provide them. I would like to have some originality in my gallery.

All other Screen Captures

Because I do not currently have the equipment or connection to attain all the screen captures I would like to righ tnow, I often have to find screen captures through other means. All screens from Episode II, III, and other games were found elsewhere. I always make sure to provide credit. I do not have any rules regarding these, other than please provide a link back to the original providers. If you are curious as to where a certian screenshot came from, please contact me.

Fan Submitted Media

Fan Art: Do not take and redistrubute any fan art on my site. I obtained the fan art that I did through permission. I would appreciate that you do the same.
Pixel Art: All pixel art was made by me. You may adopt a pixel to put on your own website. This means, you must link back to this website (or my domain). I do not allow you to use my pixels in avatars, signatures, or any other graphics. They are for adoption purposes only. I'm the only one who's allowed to use them. =P
Avatars: You may use these on forums and journals if you wish. I would greatly appreciate a link back for credit. My Livejournal is awakenedpoet if you using them on livejournal.
Wallpapers: For my wallpapers, please do not redistrubute them or use them in graphics such as layouts, avatars, signatures or any of that. You may use them only on your desktop.

Textual Information

I would prefer you to not use any of my textual content on other websites, since everything is written myself. I'm not sure why you would want to use my written content, as it stinks. =P If you wish to repost my Allen theories, that is fine. I would prefer a link back however so more people can find out for themselves!