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Shion Uzuki Shion appears to be the one person in the party whom he is closest to. He loves Shion very dearly, yet he cannot seem to tell her how he feels adequately. Shion is still grieving over Kevin who had died two years prior. I believe that he struggles with this because he does not want to put her into an uncomfortable situation. She has yet to fully recover from her past, and it creates a huge obstacle between the two of them. Though he does not speak them directly, he says and does several things which let her know that he cares. Shion appears to ignore his feelings on the surface level, yet she becomes more aware of them throughout the series. Shion is more focused on the tasks ahead of her, and she is often too upset or busy to sit down and really listen to him. She also likes to hide her feelings from others because of her past. Allen is not the only one on the recieving end of this. During episode two, Shion starts to show more regard towards Allen, at least in his capabillities... not so much on his manliness though.

KOS-MOS After the death of Kevin, Allen was promoted to Shion's previous position as Junior Chief Engineer. Together, they both worked day and night trying to reconstruct KOS-MOS from the ground up. Allen refers to KOS-MOS as "our princess" at the very beginning of the first game. It's obvious that he is concerned greatly with her, yet he seems to be more focused on the saftey of Shion. After Shion leaves Vector in episode III, Allen becomes the Chief Engineer of the KOS-MOS project. However, it is soon canceled after the development on T-elos is complete.

chaos Although there is not a lot of dialouge between the two, the interactions they do share are important ones. chaos seems to be able to look beyond just the surface to see what lies underneath. Allen does not seem to know chaos personally, unless he is hiding it. During the encephalon dive into KOS-MOS's subconcious, everyone's memories are shared together, except for chaos and Allen. chaos says that it was because they weren't on Second Miltia fourteen years ago. However, in episode two, we learn differently. Was chaos purposefully hiding Allen's memories from the others? After this scene, he tells Allen that he has a good heart, and that he will get a chance to take Shion's tears away. In episode two, chaos says that despite everything, he was still there at Shion's side helping her. Also in episode two, Ralph seems to reveal the most interesting facts and stories about Allen to chaos as opposed to other members in the party. A connection between these two cannot be ruled out.

Junior There isn't a lot of interaction between Allen and Junior. However, it seems that Allen looks up to Junior a lot. He shows a great deal of concern in the Encephalon when Jr and Shion confront Timiat. He sends his friend Ralph a picture of Junior and himself. Junior also pushed Allen at the beginning of episode two, resulting in him breaking Shion's glasses! He seems to show a bit of doubt in Allen's abillities, but Shion reminds him that he's actually very skilled and helpful on the professional side of things. He seems to go along with Allen fairly well, but does not interact with him a whole lot more than that. I believe because the main relationships that Jr has in the game are with Momo and Ziggy. This is revealed further in the second episode. While Shion, chaos and Allen seem to share some sort of unknown relationship which may be made known in the third. I am just making assumptions based on where the characters showed up in K0S-MOS's encephalon dive in the first game.

Other Party Members Allen really doesn't interact with the other party members a whole lot. Yet he still emphasises with them and considers them to be friends and allies.

Shelley Allen isn't actually shown having interation with Shelley, but she does communicate with him in the first game. She shows him where their rooms are, and later tells him about a resturant on the Foundation. However, I went searching around for Allen at that point, and he was nowhere to be found, but Shelley was sitting on the bridge. It makes me wonder if he was up to something else instead.

Elsa Crew At first, Allen is very opposed to travelling on the Elsa, as it's a ship known for transporting illegal goods. However, in the second game, he lends his engineering expertice, and mans the engineer's seat on the bridge. He seems to get along fairly well with the others. Hammer tends to poke fun at him for being "useless", but I don't see a lot of interaction between him, Tony and Captian Matthews. I'm sure they probably put up with him, but probably also see him as a little useless.

Scott Scott is an assistant to the Professor on the Kukai Foundation and later he stays on the Elsa. They appear to be close friends. In the anime, there's a nice scene of the two of them getting drunk at the Ironman Bar!