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Here are links to several reccomended Allen fan fiction stories! These are not hosted here, but are posted on other websites. If you would like to donate some of your work you may contact me!

Lost In Transition by Bobbi (me)
Two years have passed and painful emotions remain unchanged. One night leads two individuals down a forbidden path they never dreamed of taking.
Rating: Mature (for mild sexual content)

Rememberance by Bobbi (me)
Photographs have a way of making us remember things that have been forgotten. How does a simple candid photo taken long ago bring two lonely people together on a stormy night?
Rating: PG-13

Xenosaga Episode II: Die Kraft der Liebe by KOS MOS rox
A re-written version of Xenosaga Episode II. Contains lots of Allen x Shion fluff, and a lot of random silly humor. A great read!
Rating: PG-13

Maybe I do Care by Blue Persuasion
A short but sweet letter from Shion to Allen.
Rating: General

Shadows of a Lie by Adrianne
Hidden in even the most aloof of people, can a tainted past lye, even if the bearer has forgotten it himself, living in the lie he created. And throughout their adventure thus far, his love only grows yet he's never spoken her name. Couples run wild. (currently in progress)
Rating: Mature (future chapters?)