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About the Name

The name Power of Love comes from one of Allen's quotes in Xenosaga Episode II:

"Well, itís all part of being a man! And the power of love!"

That is, by far, my favorite Allen quote! I just cracked up when he said that. I thought it would be an appropriate title for this site. =)


Why would I make a website about Allen, you may ask? Simply put, he's one of my favorite characters and I feel he deserves some recognition. I really do love all of the characters, especially Shion, Momo, Jr and Ziggy, but there are already great shrines out there dedicated to them. I wanted to do something different. I just feel that shrines are better appreciated and noticed when they're not one out of the billions out there. Besides that, I think Allen is sexy for a video game guy. He resembles the kinds of guys I fall for. Read-- plain geeks. Hah!

I know there are a lot of people out there who greatly dislike his character. I even admit, his whining does get on my nerves at times. Yet, I really enjoy him for what he is besides that. Not only that, but the many scenes between him and Shion are adorable.

So please, don't waste your time and effort flaming me because I made this website. You are entitled to dislike the character as much as you want, just as I'm entitled to make a fansite of him. =P

About the layout

This layout was made using Adobe Photoshop Elements (cause I suck), Edit Pad, and WS_FTP. Some of the background textures used in the layout are from Fractured Sanity