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Here is a list of websites and people who I have recieved media and information from. If you would like to have me remove some of your media from this site, please contact me and I will politely do so. Thank you!


Here are people and places where I obtained some of my information.

Zeolahn from the Xenolegacy Forums for coming up with great (and often humorus) theories about Allen!


Everything from the media section of the website was found from the sites below.

Joh for contributing Episode I screenshots as well as icons and helping to extract sprites from the DS screenshots!

Xenolegacy - general artwork, screenshots, other media
IGN - general screenshots
gamespy - general screenshots
rpgamer - general artwork, screenshots
naimoka - concept artwork
Impress Game Watch - episode III artwork, screenshots
Xenostar - screenshots
Omega Twilight - anime screenshots

Other people of interest

Shion Ridgeley and Allen Ridgeley from the Xenolegacy Forums for joining me in the support of Allen, and all things Allen x Shion! They also contributed some stuff to this site as well.

Design Credits

Textures used on several buttons, avatars, wallpapers and the like came from fractured sanity.