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Here's a collection of screenshots which preview Allen in Xenosaga Episode III! We finally get to see him join the party! These are definately some interesting screenshots! Screenshots are from Impress Game Watch. Others were captured by me from various trailers.

Magazine Scans

I've also included scans that I've found on the internet that have information and screenshots that pretain to Allen. I used the most interesting screenshots from each page as thumbnails. These images are rather large, so they will open up in a new window. Some translations of the screenshots contained in these scans can be found at Jinx's Xenosaga News Translations.

Don't you understand how much the Chief has been hurt? Allen: What's the meaning of this?! Rot: Regrettable, but... it's scrap now, isn't it. Shion: Because Kevin, too, enjoyed having meals like this. Allen: You would--- often have meals with Kevin?