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This section serves as an updates log. Want to know what was updated last? Read on!

September 6th 2006
I completed Episode III a few days ago, and now I'm finally getting off my bootie to compile all the information from the games. Sofar, I've only added the page on Allen in battle and I've reorganized some of the old theories and observations I had, putting them in a seperate section. I hope to give the site a new layout soon, which will make me organizing the whole thing with current information a lot easier.

May 22nd, 2006
Not many updates latey. Life has kicked me in the butt. However, I have some free time. Huzzah! Today, I didn't make any major updates. I just added two new pieces of official art to the gallery and updated the links page. Also, what do you know? I have totally spoiled the ending of the series for myself. Im debating on if I should add the spoiler-riffic information and media from the game demo to the site, under marked spoilers that is. I'd like to get better translations of all the material before then. I do have tons and tons of Xenosaga III images of Allen now. Yay. More updates will be coming soon!

February 23rd 2006
I haven't been keeping up with this log, as I've been kind of busy. But in the past few weeks, I've made some big updates. Noticeably, there's a new layout. This one will probably be staying up for quite some time (probably several months). I just needed something better for displaying large areas of text. I'm in the process of redoing all of my thumbnails so that they will go with this and all later layout designs. Today, I added a new Episode III screenshot. (I'm so curious about that scene now!) Currently, I have more personal and contributed fan art to add, as well as doujin scans, official art scanned by the wonderful Eliza and some more screens from Xenosaga Freaks and Xenosaga I and II DS... Not to mention the insane amount of screenshots from Episode I still need to edit! This has easily become my biggest shrine. =3

February 13th 2006
Small updates today. Dave Whittenberg, Allen's voice actor, has been confirmed as the voice for Yazoo from FFVII Advent Children. *giggle* I had to add that to his voice actor page. I added some more pixel adoptions of Allen. Apparently, there are some new screenshots of him from Episode III, but I have yet to see these as the files were deleted from someone's server. I guess these were magazine scans. I'm assuming that these will show up on Impress Game Watch within a short period of time. So hopefully these will be added soon!

February 6th 2006
The awesome and wonderful love a riddle offered to screencap the cutscenes from the Episode I dvd for me! So I will have lots of good quality screen captures from the first game. Eventually, when I get my other computer working again, I plan on screencapping episode II and the scenes missing from the DVD. I added the first batch of screenshots in the media section! I also fixed up a few typos and took out some redundant information in the information section.

January 24th 2006
I added more textual information, including an article in defense of Allen, as well as information on his voice actors. I also have a new affiliate, Heaven Unsolved!

January 22nd 2006
All textual information is complete. All pages, or at least filler pages have been uploaded. I changed some details in the personality section as well as powers after remembering a few interesting tidbits. The website is now officially open! Hurray! (Although I've been getting a few visitors for the past two weeks!)

January 12th 2006
Got my first affilliate! Across the Universe!

January 3rd 2006
Website was started and uploaded. Work on the content began.