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Name: Allen Ridgeley
Age: 24 (25 in episode III)
Height: about 5'7"
Weight: 145 lbs
Hair: light brown
Eyes: blue
Weapon: Rifle/Crossbow

Allen contributes to the games in a very interesting way, based on his personality. Allen's secret hobby is fishing. He is also seems to be a bit introverted. He is fairly quiet, but doesn't hesitate to speak up when he feels that Shion and the others are putting themselves in harm's way. When we first meet Allen at the very beginning of the first game, we see him as hard-working, and very protective over Shion. At times, he even seems a bit bold. However, we soon learn that Allen is only this way when Shion is in danger. At other times, he is driven by nervousness, fear and uncertainty.

Throughout the first game, Allen is often very skeptical about the other characters in the game. Shion seems to easily believe chaos' reasoning behind making a Gnosis vanish into thin air. Yet Allen reminds her that the situation is definately out of the ordinary and perhaps she should not be so trusting. He is weary about the Kukai Foundation and their association with Uberhumans from the Life Recycling Act. Later in the game, he warns everyone about Juli Mizrahi and her former husband's connections to U-TIC. He calls him a madman without thinking, and upsets Momo. He then feels bad for his actions. I feel that Allen honestly has everyone's best interests at heart, especially Shion's. But he doesn't always go about it the right way. Often times, he appears to be very clumsy, awkward and cowardly. However, I attribute that to the amount of stress he is going through.

Allen can fight and defend himself, we see him doing so in the beginning of Episode I. In Episode II, he acts slightly more cowardly, yet he still does a few bold things in order to protect Shion. He shot guns on the E.S. Dinah to ward off the approaching Realians, which impressed Shion. He then gives the infamous "Power of Love" speech. Yet, once they're in space and being overwhelmed by Ormus, he reverts to panic-mode. In Episode III, he finally joins the party in battle for a short period of time in order to save Shion. He continues to follow the group through hell and back, even nearly getting himself killed for Shion's sake. By the end of the series, he finally does become "a man" by putting Kevin in his place.

Despite everything, I believe that Allen's character is more human and realistic. At times when everyone is being bold, he is backing everyone up, and warning them of potential danger.