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Allen is one of the first characters we meet in Xenosaga. He is introduced with Shion in the very beginning of the game. Infact, he is one of the first voices we hear in the introduction. However, throughout most of the game, he doesn't actually seem to have much of a purpose beyond a supportive character, and ocassional comic relief. In the first game, Allen is a more prominent character. However, he steps aside and allows everyone else in the party to take the limelight when it comes to battles. In the second game, Allen's character is simply used for a few laughs. He does have his moments however.

Allen's role is made evident in Episode III. He is actually invovled in a lot more scenes and has more dialouge than before. He tags along with the others and stays by Shion's side throughout the game. He becomes greatly worried about her during the fainting spells. Eventually, he joins the party to help rescue Shion. Then, he goes along with her into Mictham to find Abel and the Zohar.

Eventually, Shion decides to leave the others and go to Kevin. She refuses to listen to their pleas. Then, everyone fights her and Kevin. Allen stands up, for the first time and tells Kevin that although he's a weak person, he will do absolutely everything he can for Shion. He tells her that he'll never leave her side, and run away, like Kevin has. Kevin attacks Allen, but KOS-MOS steps in and protects him. She also aides in helping Shion realize where she needs to stand. Eventually, she decides that she belongs with her friends that she's traveled so far with.

Allen's role can be summed up as Shion's support. He's there for Shion through thick and thin. He does everything he can for her. Even when Shion lost Kevin to the KOS-MOS archtype, Allen stood by her side and helped her through it. He helped reconstruct KOS-MOS from what they had left of her. He was there to help Shion in so many circumstances that were extremely trying and heartbreaking. He even took care of her in several instances when she was feeling sick in Episode III. He never once runs away because he's afraid of death. He sticks it in until the end.