Information » Allen's Speech

Allen's defining moment takes place near the end of Episode III. Allen's role in the game isn't just made apparent, but he also outlines the differences between the party members and the world they're going up against. Allen says it prefectly, that even though they're just weak human beings, they won't run from their weaknesses in order to make a future that they desire.

Allen: How can you say that?

Shion: Allen?

Allen: You try to make it sound good, but in the end, all you were doing was using her.

Kevin: It's to protect her life.

Allen: You think you're allowed to do anything you want if you think it'll protect someone's life? That it's all right to ignore the Chief's feelings? I refuse to accept that way of doing things.

Kevin: You refuse to accept it? Do I nee to request your approval? The fact is, she will die. Are you saying that you will accept Shion's death? That you will abandon Shion to her suffering?

Allen: No, I-that's... But--

Kevin: Pathetic. If the world could be saved through passion, all of this would have been unnecessary. Now come, Shion. You've done more than enough. You don't need to sacrifice yourself anymore.

Allen: Chief, don't go!

At this point, the others try to convince her not to go. Jin asks her to stay. Then Shion says that she's had her fill of pity from everyone, and then tells Jin that if he actually cared about anyone's feelings, Pellegri and Margulis wouldn't have had to die.

Allen: Chief, that's not true!

After this, the party fights Shion and Kevin. After the battle ends, Allen runs forward, blocking Shion from any further attacks.

Allen: Stop! Please stop this!

Jr.: Get out of the way, Allen!

Jin: Yes, I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to not interfere.

Allen: No, I won't move! Chief, guys, everyone get ahold of yourselves. What are you all trying to prove by fighting like this? I've had enough! I didn't come here to do something meaningless like this! We're all fighting to protect the universe so we can all survive, right?

Kevin: You still don't understand? THe cries of the powerless is what's meaningless. Your pathetic voice will reach no one.

Allen: That's enough, Kevin! Are you saying you're the only ones who can save the world!? Are you saying that it's impossible for us?!

Kevin: Exactly. You cannot save the universe or Shion.

Allen: That's not true! Everyone here is resolved to face this fight. No one can laugh at that resolve!

Kevin: Resolve? Do you think that we Testaments lack resolve?

Allen: Yes! you lost confidence in your ability to live as human beings and just ran away! Because they were scared of death, because they couldn't stand being weak. Virgil, Voyager, Yuriev and even Ormus! They were all just trying to run from the harshness of reality. The power of the Testaments? All you're doing is using that tremendous power to run away!

Kevin: Then are you saying that you have that resolve? You have now power. You can't even win the heart of the one single woman you love. What resolve does a man like you have?!

Allen: That's right, I'm a weak human being. And to you, I'm only an insignificant, powerless creature. But I'll never leave the Chief and run! I will stand firm on this spot and save her, no matter what!

Kevin: Very Well...

Kevin raises his hand and sends a beam of energy towards Allen, which makes him fall to his knees. He hits him again, causing him to fall backwards. Then, another time, which sends him flying across the room. Jr. stares at the scene horrified while MOMO covers her eyes. Allen struggles to pull himself up again.

Shion: Allen!

Kevin: What's wrong? Weren't you going to stand firm? Look at you, you're pathetic. You think you can save Shion?

Shion: Stop it.

Kevin: Shion.

Shion: Just leave him alone. Please. He can't even stand up on his own. He can't do anything else now.

Kevin: You really are pathetic, Allen. How does it feel to be pitied by the one you love? Do you really want Shion's sympathy that much?

Allen: Sympathy? You don't understand the Chief's suffering like I do. I understand her feelings, her pain, and her sadness. And despite that, she struggled alone to do everything that she possibly could! You don't have any idea how much she's been hurt, or how she's suffered. How can anyone like you understand? You have no idea how much she's cried!

Shion: Allen, please! That's enough! It's all right, you've done enough! Why do you have to suffer like that?!

Allen: I wanted to cry in her place. And I wanted to be the one to feel her pain. Because... I wanted to spend my life together with her. I know I may not be able to do much in this world, but I would do absolutely anything for her!

Kevin: So then, do you thin you can take her away from me? Shion may find your feelings to be too much of a burden for her.

Allen: Even if that were the case, the feelings I have won't ever change for her. Like you said, I'm a pathetic man. All I could ever do was watch her from afar. But, there's no way I would ever abandon her! I won't lose to someone like you, who has only run away! I'm taking Shion back, no matter what happens!

Kevin: All right then, I shall grant your wish.

Kevin raises his hand again and sends another blast of energy towards him. Everyone looks on in horror, thinking that's the end for him. However, the smoke clears and we see KOS-MOS standing in Allen's place helping to support him.

Allen: Mary!

KOS-MOS: You're almost there, Allen.

Allen: KOS-MOS!

KOS-MOS: It's all right, Allen. I too, understand your feelings. I can feel your pain. And I can also feel Shion's pain.

Allen: KOS-MOS, But, I--

KOS-MOS: Let's go now, Allen. Let's go to Shion.

KOS-MOS helps Allen across the room and leads her towards Shion. She tries to talk further sense into Shion. Kevin tells KOS-MOS to stand back and shoots another attack. However, this time, Shion pushes Kevin's arm down. The beam hits the floor. Shion tells Kevin that even though she loves him, her happiness means nothing if she can't share it with everyone else--That she can't stand being the only one who finds happiness. She tells Kevin that if he forces her to choose between him and her friends, that she won't hesitate to leave him. Allen smiles at Shion and she returns it, saying that she stands with everyone else.<