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Allen, despite being one of the eight main characters of the game, is very plain looking character. Here is an in-depth look at his physical appearance as well as the clothing he wears.

Physical Appearance

Allen appears to be a typical westerner as far as appearance goes. His name is definitely that of a western origin, unlike Shion and Jin. However, for someone of a western origin, he is fairly short. He is only stands at five feet, seven inches (176 cm based on the Nintendo DS website), a few inches taller than Shion. I suppose that is still fairly tall by eastern standards.

Although his character art depicts differently, he is mentioned being "on the thin side" in the game. The in-game renders of his character do depict him having a small frame. In the anime, however, he appears to be quite a bit bigger than he is in the games. Despite that, his uniform probably makes him look a bit larger than he actually his. Overall, Allen's appearance is not an imposing one.

Allen has short hair, with bangs that reach to his eyebrows and no further. His hair color is a light brown with slight copper tint. He also has the obligatory strands of hair that stick straight up in the air, in the middle of his head.

The most striking thing about Allen's appearance seems to be his eyes. They are a very dark and deep shade of blue. His eyes are fairly small, like many of the adult male characters. However, they depict him as a kind and gentle type of character. He has very friendly and welcoming eyes in my opinion.

Overall, Allen looks like your typical, average Joe. Unlike the other characters, there isn't really much about him that stands out as far as his appearance.goes.


The Vector Uniform

Unlike the other characters, save Ziggy, Allen is stuck in the same clothing throughout the series, save his swimsuit (below) and the scenes during Episode III where he changes into a UTic Research Uniform. Allen continuously wears his green Vector uniform. It's assumed that the different colors of uniforms denote rank. Shion wears the blue uniform, as did Kevin, denoting high rank. Allen, Togashi and the other members of First Division (along with some in Second Division on Second Miltia) wear green. While Miyuki and others wear red, which is probably the lowest rank. Yet, in Episode III, Allen is promoted to Chief Engineer and he is still wearing the same green uniform. Therefore, I'm not so sure about that theory anymore.

The uniform is kind of ugly, in my opinion. It's a gold color with black along the shoulders, sides, collar, and on the side of the pants. There is green that extends from about the shoulder area, down the front of the uniform and towards the back. This green part also has a "ribbed" kind of effect. These "ribs" are in a diagonal angle going down. There is also green on the back angling towards the middle right around the shoulder blade area. Around the collar, there's two green bands. One right at the neck-hole and the other about 7 inches below that curves downwards like a "U". The shoes also have a green stripes on them as well. The sleeves of the uniform are kind of rounded at the edges. On the back, there seems to be something that resembles a zipperencased in a black stripe. I'm not sure if this exactly what it is, as it wouldn't make sense to place one there without going all the way up. The designers are kind of silly.


The other outfit that we see Allen wearing is a very atrocious swimsuit. It styled similar to men's swimsuits of the early 1900's era. It's like a tank top and shorts, except it's a once piece. There's horizontal white and aqua colored stripes going down the length of it, with turquoise trim along the shoulders. The shorts go all the way to the knees. In the front and back, there's a gold clasps attached in between grommets for decoration. He also wears a pair of sandals.