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In Episode III, we finally get to play with Allen in your party! He doesn't become availble until Chapter 7, when Shion is taken custody by U-Tic for questioning. Jin pursuades Allen into coming along to find her.

"I doubt I'll be much help, but I'll join the fight to save the Chief. I'm going to save her!"

Allen isn't exactly strong in battle, nor did I find him exactly useful. However, I kept him in the party until I fought Pellegri. Once I arrived at her, he was just being KO'ed too much. I sadly had to replace him with another character. However, here is all the information I could gather on Allen in battle!

Starting Stats

Level: 21
HP: 1356
EP 88
STR: 50
VIT: 31
DEX: 28
EVA: 29
AG: 20
EATK: 51
EDEF: 26
Break Limit: 15
G-Resist: 0%

Base Equipment

Weapon: Benzer Ace
Armor: Neo Protector


Here are a list of the skills that Allen learns while he's in your party.

Ether Skills

Medica S All (starting)
Fist Down (starting)
Soul Down (starting)
Break Heal M (Level 23)
Beam Bolt II (Level 24)

Tech Attacks

Big Shot (level 22)
EP Cost: 10 EP
Stats: Single (long), medium break attack
Desription: Allen aims his weapon and says "Go!". He shoots it at the target. However, the recoil knocks him backwards, and he lands squarely on his rear end. Then, he says "Ow!" after hitting the ground.

Battle Quotes

Battle Start: "Even I can do it!"
Battle Start: "Watch me Chief!"
End Battle: "See, look what I can do!"
End Battle (critical): "I can't give up here!"
Attack: "Whoa!"
Item: "Use this!"
Hit: "Ow!"
Break: "Whoa!"
KO: "Oh no!"
Revived: "Uh, Thank you!"